Vaillant EcoTEC

Looking for information on the Valliant Ecotec line of boilers? These products are a range of high efficiency condensing boilers and they have two heating options which are 46kW and 65kW. These boilers are all rated SEDBUK Band ‘A’ and have high performance stainless steel heat exchangers  to capture wasted heat as well as having excellent fuel economy.

Valliant Ecotec has a model called the Vaillant Ecotec Pro. These models feature diagnostic information with push button operation and status information so the unit can be easily serviced with Vaillant Ecotec parts and worked on.  The Vaillant Ecotec Pro is compact with dimensions of H: 720mm x W: 440mm x D: 335mm. The Pro 24 has central heating output in the range of 6.7 – 19 while the Pro 28 is rated at 9 – 24kW and has an Aquacomfort system that delivers instantaneous hot water at the right temperature. The pro models have warranties of one year. Consult the Vaillant Ecotec manual for detailed information on the unit or visit the website for PDF downloads.


  • High condensing efficiency
  • Compact dimensions & low lift
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Built-in status / diagnostic display
  • Single electronic circuit board
  • New user interface
  • Removable side panels
  • Push-fit flue system

Valliant Ecotec Plus Model

Valliant Ecotec also has another model called the Valliant Ecotec Plus. This is a combination boiler range with high efficiency and powerful DHW performance. These units have compact dimensions and weighs from 36kg which is the lowest in their class. This boiler meets the needs of users who need a lighter unit The Ecotec plus combi 824 and 831 have CH heating that range from 6.7 – 19kW and 8.7 – 24kW. The latest model the 837 has a CH output in the 12.0 – 28.0kW range. This boiler is easy to install and has service values with pipe clip distance connections. These boilers come with the Valliant Ecotec ‘AquaComfort’ system for constant hot water temperature. These boilers have an expansion vessel for 10 liters of water and they have a two year guarantee.


  • High condensing efficiency
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • ‘AquaComfort’ system
  • Single electronic circuit board
  • Simple new control panel
  • Easy Servicing
  • Straightforward push button controls
  • Front access to components
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Low lift weight so they can be worked one ?asily

Ecotec Plus Open Vented Boiler Range

This open vent plus model is the ideal solution from the regular open-vented heating systems. There are four models available including the 415, 418, 428 and 438 models. These models all have good performance and they have efficiencies of over 90% and low emissions. There is a low lift weight and you’ll find a compact design with measurements of (H: 600mm x W: 375mm x D: 340mm). There is no compartment ventilation required. These have a CH range of 5 – 15.3kW in the 415 model to 6.3 – 38kW in the 438 model. These boilers all have a two year guarantee.

Exclusive Models

Valiant Ecotec also has exclusive models available. These were designed to meet the demand for a combination condensing boiler. These units provide heating and hot water for larger properties. These models have a wider modulation range and stay in condensing models for longer periods of time. The exclusive models have a electronically controlled modulating pump for less electrical consumption and improved energy performance. These are easy to install and they have a backlit screen so installers can see data with ease. They have output ranges of 10.2 – 27kW to 838 – 11.2 – 30kW.


  • High condensing efficiency
  • High domestic flow rates
  • New design controls
  • Backlit text
  • Electronically controlled pump

Refer to your Valliant Ecotec Manual for more information on each model and seek Vaillant Ecotec Parts from licensed suppliers.